Sunday, September 05, 2010


Where do I find it?  And why?

Lately I'm in the middle of a hearts jag.  While my own heart has been feeling a bit tattered and torn I've been churning out dozens of bright and shiny hearts in my studio.  Mostly earrings and pendants so far, with a bracelet or two lurking on my bench, insisting on being made.  They do that you know.   The ideas simmer around in my head until one day I have to sit down and start cutting and torching and hammering until they are born.  Every now and then it's a bust, the mental picture and the hand skill just don't mesh but usually something nice comes out and occasionally it's lightning!

So one of these days I'll be done with shiny hearts and move on to something else.  I'm drawn to old and used, the mine is one of my favorite places as well as hanging out at my Dad's place with his treasures.  

This image is from the Empire Mine, look at the great handmade hinge and the connectors.  This gets me thinking of rivets and texturing metal in unusual ways.  I think I'll take some mold making compound up on our next walk and see if I can get a good impression of the rusted parts on the left.  Though I'd love to take a piece of fine silver sheet and a hammer and texture it right there, though someone might wonder what the hell I was doing, ha!

And my favorite links, imbedded in stone, great stuff. The challenge here is to fuse a really thick gauge of fine silver wire, maybe 8 gauge, and then hammer it like crazy.  Or just try some bronze clay, hmmm...

I also love this website, Spirits of the Abandoned which has some of the most powerful images of forgotten places I've ever seen.  Check it out.

Overholt Distillery: Image

Sleep well.

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