Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still Lazy

And a bit boring.

My friend CS told me about a book called "Keeping the Feast" by Paula Butturini.  So I headed down to our library and when I found they didn't have it I keep right on walking down to our local book store and found it there, yeah!

It's very good, hard to read sometimes as it deals with depression and sickness.  BUT, it's interwoven with stories of Italian family life and food and living in Italy and how simple things like preparing good food can help get you through the day.

I believe the goodness of food, finding, preparing and eating can get us through a lot of tough days.  Unfortunately good food lovingly prepared and served is often the first thing that is forgotten in our daily whirlwind.  We hit the fast food joint or toss something together quickly and of course there is the child who will only eat boxed mac and cheese for six months at a time, but we can forgive ourselves for that.

I'm loving having the time to find, fix and feast on some simple but wonderful food, just one thing missing at this point is the fourth component, friends, but that will come.

 I'm also busy foraging about looking for bits and pieces of furniture.  I left most of my favorite pieces in MN until the house sells so right now my living room is a little bare.  Actually I kind of like the empty look but it's not that comfortable and the boys are asking for a nice couch we can all curl up on together.  I particularly like Craigslist.  It's full of junk but every now and then a real gem comes up.  I found a very nice leather chair and ottoman which is very comfortable.   Today I found a really nice tv and armoire/media center but that will have to wait another couple of weeks until I can line up a couple of large burly men to move it for me.  Which makes me giggle, can't we all use a couple of large burly men around to move things?

Tomorrow I will show you the large pile of hearts that just came out of the tumbler, very pretty.

Bode cooling off in the NID (Nevada Irrigation Ditch) at the park.  Picture taken with my new Droid, a technogeeks dream.

Sleep well!

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