Saturday, February 02, 2013


My way through way too much.

Joy, intense, all consuming joy.

Too much thinking, about babies and daughters and sons and lovers,

Too many projects, traveling, and the holidays and tearing out and moving my old studio and creating a new studio space that both works and is beautiful, building projects inside and outside.  The big deck finally in progress, holes dug in the ground, anticipation of mornings outside with coffee.

Emotions, crying and laughing and wishing for more time.

Grief, leaving them in one way or another, waking up 2000 miles away and knowing that rubbing my lips on that soft head wasn't going to happen today.

Fear, is it even possible?  Can I?  It doesn't seem so but I keep hoping.

Planning for the future, a new gallery soon, ideas bubbling up, almost there, almost ready.

Security and comfort, gained any way I can, dogs with big soft ears on my lap easing the burning smell of an engine always running too fast.


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