Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Busy Bee


Catching up on a million things that haven't gotten done while I was in Relationship Land or maybe I'm trying to occupy myself so I don't think about Relationship Land, you choose.

Either way, it's really good to get some things done, nothing too terribly exciting but little project victories are really gratifying.

I found a bunch of old picture frames, cleaned them up and painted them white, eventually they will become cork boards to hold gemstones.  It's so much fun to take a mismatched group of old things and unify them with paint.

I realize now that my studio has felt pretty dismal for the last year or two.  I was so lucky to have a fine and beautiful space in Minnesota.  I looked out big windows to lush green lawns stretching out to a thick and beautiful forest.  The flower beds were so wonderful, big, dense clumps of daylillies, iris of every color and masses of purple coneflowers, carpets of creeping phlox and sedum.  It was a heavenly place.  I would take my morning coffee and sit in the hot tub, watch the cardinals and other birds flit about.  The furry boys would hang out, sniff and chase the kitty around on the lawn.

Now the kitty lives in Texas, chasing her chicken friends.  The boys and I are here and up to now I haven't had a really appealing studio space.  I really liked working around a bunch of other artists but the space just wasn't what my head needed.

It needs to be beautiful.

I forgot that.  That's my first requirement for any project, the most important quality for anything that surrounds me.  Taking the time to make the space beautiful means my head is in the right place when I work.  The rest is easy and fun.


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