Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Ahhhhh, love this baby girl.

We're thinking she might have blue eyes, but either way she's perfect.

Back home madly packing tools to move my studio. I hate the transition because I've got a jewelry in my head waiting to get created, but that only makes me more efficient moving.  It's always nice to have a nice break after the busy holidays so let things percolate.

The deck building should start soon.  Hopefully by spring I will be having my coffee outside.

I'm happy to be involved with league shooting again, I've missed my friends at the Range.

Life goes on, circles, weaves, stops and starts, not always easy, not always kind but we go our own path or risk stalling on a siding, left to rust and decay.

Busy little specks are we, short lived, so involved with our own importance.


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