Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Deck

Sounds sort of simple but this deck is going to expand and improve my life tremendously.  Our weather is so nice for the majority of the year this becomes another living space, one that is almost twice as big as my living room.  It will have room for a table and chairs and my big sectional outdoor couch.  I will be drinking my coffee out there in the morning and sitting around with girlfriends sipping wine and whatnot and stretching out to do some star watching late at night.  I think it will need a hammock too, why not sleep out there on warm nights?


They call us Makers, people who make things.  Now I get to watch this Maker do his thing, crafting this great space from lumber, it's so much fun.

The old steps are torn off and the footings have been dug and poured.  Bode is helping by annointing everything new, gotta keep him away from the tools.  Dandy wants to help with whatever is in the lunchbox.

That fast the beams go up, way up, gotta have lots of space to put the metal pergola over top.


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