Monday, February 04, 2013

Fifty Thousand

Fifty Thousand page views coming up, with 2000 of them coming from other countries, thanks!

I'm in major transition right now, immersing myself in projects both planned and new.  I can't wait to get into my new studio though I'm almost afraid to actually sit down and work.  Of course, I don't have a chair to sit down on, the new bench is taller than I've had in the past, but that will be remedied soon.  I'm itching to tackle some enamel.  I'd like to add some color to my fine silver.  I wish I could just dip the silver earrings into molten glass.  And the flowers and twined silver vines will begin to expand.

The deck will progress tomorrow.  I'm such a Pollyanna sometimes.  The permit process sucks big time and everyone told me to forget it and just build without a permit.  I can't do that, especially since I spent so much time house hunting and saw so many houses with unpermitted improvements, it's just not worth it.  But I definitely understand why people say to hell with it.  The permit cost me over $700 dollars, with another $950 going to the Engineering company that did the site plan, which has to go in to the County for the permit approval.  WTF?  One Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty dollars for bureaucracy?  That's just crazy.

I'm going a bit Grandmother crazy, she's growing and changing everyday and I'm missing it.  I get pictures almost every day and the sweet knowledge that I'm being majorly appreciated makes me smile.  I thought they didn't need me anymore, it's nice to be wrong.

I was walking out of the market last night and couldn't believe how beautiful the night sky was, streaked with pink and yellow and orange blended with popcorn clouds.  The air was cool and clean and I smiled and thought how lucky I am.  For years and years I yearned to live here, to be a part of this foothill mountain community and now that I am here I rejoice every day.  It's ten times better than I ever imagined, so much a part of who and what I am.  Early morning cups of espresso, late night glimpses of starry sky peeking through tall trees, friends and art and laughing in between, it's all good.

Up ahead I start volunteer training at the Empire Mine, then blacksmith apprentice training after that.  I can't wait to get dirty and pound some metal.  Another trip to Texas.  Spring will come after that which will bring the farmers market and river swimming and all the great summer things.

It's good, peace to you and yours.

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