Thursday, July 12, 2012

My son...

Yesterday I picked out one picture for each year of his life.  I'll just post a few.  I almost wrote sun instead of son, which is so appropriate as he's been a warm ray of light ever since he was born.

I was so afraid when I brought him home.  I hardly wanted to touch him because I thought I would do something wrong.  Then I looked at him and realized that he was mine and I was his, that neither of us really knew they rules so we'd just make them up as we went along.  And a little voice way down inside said, "You are all he's got, you are good enough and smart enough, figure it out."

I think we did ok.

West Coast



Niagara Falls

Texas Ikea trying out a new bed.

Texas - Little Radar

There is sort of a water theme here, which besides being on stage, is where he's happiest.  He found a fabulous girl who loves water and music too.

Happy Day!

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