Monday, July 30, 2012

Austin Days Two & Three & Four

Ah, I see these posts are finally showing up, good.

On Friday we did some hiking on the greenbelt, which is a gorgeous walk along the creek, filled with wildflowers.  The creek is seasonal and is dry now except for one last pond, sort of green, filled with pollywogs in every different stage.  There were fingernail sized frogs hopping around.  Will the others grow some legs before the water is gone?

During the day we are taking little shopping trips and working on house projects.  I'm teaching my daughter to drive a stick shift.  I sure wish I had learned it so quickly.  Nothing happens until late at night here.  I drove downtown and had cold beer and amazing pizza while I watched some Olympic coverage at Home Slice Pizza.  Don't miss it if you ever come to Austin.

Further downtown I got to see The Couch play, they have some exciting new material which has been recorded and is being mixed for release in a fee months, can't wait.  My friends will be getting new music for Christmas.

Yesterday we painted a room and ended up at Guerros for dinner, damn fine margaritas!

I keep thinking I need to stop in at Allen's Boots and smell some leather.

Few more days then home.


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