Monday, July 16, 2012


I just finished this beautiful Byzantine necklace and thought I'd model it.  Neither me nor the necklace is polished up this morning but we look ok, no?

Life is good, the sun is shining, the fountain is burbling away and we just got back from a walk.  Yesterday we walked the longer mine trail and stopped to talk to one of the park rangers.  She said to be extra careful because we have a mountain lion mother and two cubs out in the mine property, which is my backyard.  Evidently she's thinning out the coyote population, which is exactly what predators are supposed to do.  Too bad we can't scoop up a bunch of the stupid half tame deer out of the local golf course community, put them to good use.

Did I say that?  Well, it's true that I've never thought much of deer, they ate way too many of my flowers and plants.  But I will admit they taste pretty good.  They aren't as sweet as you may think, the boys and I have been attacked twice by does protecting their fawns, not that I blame them but it was pretty crazy to see.  Of course, they boys just thought it was a recalcitrant cow and tried to herd her back to me, wonderful.

Here's an awwwww pic from my Minnesota garden.

Smiles to you.


  1. S.

    Not no………… A big YES!! Very nice necklace and model. Like your new do.