Friday, July 27, 2012

Austin Day One

What a great place this is!  Of course, not only is the place great but the people I love are here.

Flights were good, though sitting in one place for such long stretches makes me a little stir crazy.  I even cleaned out my wallet, jeez.

It's HOT and humid, but it's Texas, so what?  After a bit you just get used to being sweaty and start to enjoy it.  The weather forces you to drink fabulous margaritas and cold beer.  They just taste better here.

And the food, wow.  We started with ceviche and blackened fish tacos and later downtown I hit one of the best bbq food trucks for a pulled pork sandwich with onions and pickles.  I sat on a bench blissfully eating and people watching.  The sandwich is smoky with super tender meat and the pickles are crunchy and sweet sour, awesome!

We went to Lovejoys, which is a great grungy bar that makes their own beer.  Word is they are closing which is sort of sad.  (Photo of Grant and I here.)

Live music is everywhere and we are at Red Square to hear Little Radar play.   They were wonderful and the crowd is full of great friends that actually like talking to a Mom.  They tell Grant his Mom is cool which is too fun.

There is time for fun, music, food, friends and heart to heart talks with my expanding little family.  I'm so lucky to be able to do this.

Today I'm going to go out and get lost and see what I can find.


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