Monday, March 12, 2012


The boys are always up for a walk and a little water.
Here's Dandy having a very loud conversation with Bode.
Here's Bode doing his thing.  He never quite swims but will happily wade around.  I think if he had a Corgi buddy who actually swam he would follow.  This will be a nice swimming hole this summer.
We're at Stocking Flat down at Deer Creek, the rocks are really smooth and beautiful.
And some great old manzanita on the hike back up.
We're heading into a few rainy days which means muddy floors and stinky wet dogs, but happy forests.  All the flowering trees are in full bloom so it's worrisome, will the fruit make it or not?

I have some great shots of my son performing with Little Radar, will post those later.  Still hoping we can get some higher resolution copies to have some printed.

Little Radar will be having a CD release show and party in Austin on April 29th.  I'm going to be there, can't wait!


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