Monday, March 05, 2012

Merry Monday

What a fine day!  This time last week we were preparing for a snow storm, today it's 63 and sunny, my kind of weather.

We went walking on the Champion Mine Road Trail again today, but this time we took the trail down to Deer Creek, ate lunch, cooled our feet and then headed back up again.

It was great!  Here's a view of a little tributary creek on our way.
There are robins splashing around in my fountain and a pretty little daffodil is blooming by my back steps.  I can see the tiny buds of the flowering dogwood in the front yard.  There must be about a million of them, should be gorgeous this spring.

I'm getting my hair trimmed soon and then will get ready for pistol league tonight,  hopefully will be better than last week.

Enjoy your day, wherever you happen to be.


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