Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's raining again, long and steady and refreshing.  I can feel the trees drinking it up happily.

Yesterday was a great day to play with bronzclay with two very fine women artists, both of them are extraordinary people, talented and creative. We happily rolled and textured and talked about problems in our small world and the greater world.

I'm going to drag the kiln home to fire some of my creations, see if it works.  Bronzclay can be rather tricky, and if nothing else it takes forever (9 hours) to ramp up, hold and then cool.  There are new formulations but I haven't bothered to try them yet.

And just as I cleared my mind and heart of the dregs of sadness he came walking in, tall and bearded, forthright and honest, life is good.

This is the song of the day, it's so beautiful.

.Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen