Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Major, deep blue, negative altitude, chocolate can't fix sort of funk, that's me.

Maybe it's the weather, since we've only seen a glimmer of sun here and there for the last 8 days.

This seems to be my tough time of year, the weather sucks, relationships falter and fail.  I don't have the extra energy to try to save them, I just crawl under my fluffy comforter and give up.


I know it will get better, only a couple more months before spring hits for real.

And then I'll start again.

In the meantime the boys sleep close to me, sending their sweet love to me while they breathe.  I keep busy with studio housekeeping.  Even though my creativity is low I'm able to put together some interesting pieces.  Like this Byzantine link necklace with a stunning Nancy Tobey lampwork bead set.



  1. Sorry you are in a funk. The boys will help - Ditto always manages to cure my funks :)
    Love the bracelet - love the deep blue color.

  2. Thanks Diana! I'm coming out of it, usually it's because of some a**hole man, I should know better. They never last too long, just some mental cleaning house and then I'm ready to go again. The boys do help, last night both of them were on my legs on the couch. Either that or they're trying to give me their ticks, ha!

    That's a necklace, heavy and very beautiful.