Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clearing Out!

I'm sifting through inventory, trying to make sense of a huge pile of "stuff".  I'm going to try to pare out a little bit, which is to your advantage.  I'm feeling generous and want to find out if anyone is actually paying attention.

This matching set is the first thing up for grabs.  It's all sterling silver metal, the beads are african trade beads in colors that are great for spring.

I'm going to have a give away, this set will go next Monday the 19th.  There really isn't an exact hour on Monday, just whenever I feel like it.  You must leave me a comment on this blog telling me which of my jewelry pieces on my website you like the best.  I'll do some random thing with those who comment and the winner gets this exact set.  (This is just for my friends in the US, shipping overseas is too much.)

Have fun!



  1. Suzanne (still Crystal to me...), I love the heart necklace with the crystals. Have you ever done anything with a stylized skate blade? That might be cool. Miss seeing you at our arenas around town!

  2. Miss you too Tamie! I'll mess around with some silver one of these days and see what I can do.

  3. Krystal...I LOVE the raspberry parfait bracelet! Hope you are well!! Grace