Sunday, September 04, 2011

I will...

I take you to be my partner, forsaking all others (except my 78 Trans Am).
In sickness and in health, through blown trannies and bald tires.
I will lust for no chassis but yours.
And when the race is done and the pit is dark I will hold your hand and together we will drive off into the night.
Forever and ever, so help me Ford, uh, Lord.

Believe me, it really happened. You just never know what's going to happen at the track.  The racing was pretty damn fun too!



  1. Now wait a minute there little missy. You wouldn’t be “pokin” fun at a long standing tradition in my family. My first wife and I got hitched back in 1960 at a racetrack. Loved that girl like crazy, although it didn’t work out, at least she will always be my cousin.


  2. Yeah, yeah, racetracks, rodeos, shooting ranges, they are all good. We call them PMK, People who Marry their Kin.

    It was fun, I love the smell of race fuel and the hum of of the engines and the people are wonderful.

  3. S.

    Of course it is all good. I was having a glass of retsina (an acquired taste) outside a Greek restaurant in our little town and a Welch Terrier, tied to the bench I was sitting on, climbed up on my lap and became my latest drinking buddy. I never made so many people friends in a short period before. They kept commending me on what a well behaved dog I had. I told its owner that if I were single I would get a dog just like hers. Great icebreaker……but you know that....
    Sorry, I forgot that this is your blog