Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday night

Not a bad week, ending with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc and some killer lemon bars, the kind that ooze with a thick lemon custard.

No house for me yet, damn and blast!  I'm still trying to get a look at a very interesting log house higher up in the snow zone.  I found a darling miner's cottage that already had three offers pending.  And the final terrific house, completely renovated but on a noisy, busy road with limited dog running space and no garage.  Mostly frustrating, making me wonder just what is the plan for me?  Maybe I'm supposed to learn some patience?  Maybe I'm destined to move someplace else?  The beach would be nice, but sort of gloomy for me.  Where?  What?  Why?

Oh well, patience grasshopper.

Fabulous weather, 80 degrees, soft breezes, bright sunshine, nights getting a little chilly, just enough for a blanket and socks.

I'm getting sort of buzzed thinking about spending the weekend at Infineon the end of this month.  My friends will be racing their Corvette's in the CSRG (Classic Sport Racing Group).  I'll also get to hit my favorite wine shop in Berkeley and stock up with something fun.

Professionally things are very good, this week I've sent beautiful jewelry off to South Carolina and Minnesota!

I send you love and good thoughts.
I send you courage and joy.
I hope we are together soon.


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