Friday, September 02, 2011

Busy Work

Keeping myself busy is the goal these days, not terribly hard as I have plenty to do.   However, a large margarita and some good music combined with a mindless project is exactly what I need.  I'm still in a rough frame of mind.  I know it will go away eventually, just not quickly enough. Can you tell I'm the impatient sort?

So, wiring strands of pearls seems to be the ticket.  I have four done and working on number five.

Things are picking up for me professionally anyway, custom orders are starting.  Once you experience getting a jewelry piece that's exactly the way you want it why would you go back to mass production pieces?  Plus, it's really fun to meet new people.

So this weekend will be some work, some play, a meeting and whatever else comes up.  Luckily the dogs won't let me curl up and shut out the world, however much I want to.

Peace to you.

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