Sunday, September 08, 2013

Silly Songs

I just got done skyping with my daughter and granddaughter, how cool is that?  I think I fear most that Georgia Belle won't remember me because I can't be there enough, but this will definitely help.

Life is pretty damn good.

The house is great, the dogs are silly and happy and nurturing, my friends are funny, my family is healthy and I'm feeling better and better every day.

I'm committed to trying some new things though you have to wait to see what.

My relationships are really good, sweet and sincere and always improving in various ways.  I really love participating and I love watching the stories unfold.  I'm not really expecting things anymore, things will happen, it will be good no matter what.

I'm moving into my studio slowly, putting together materials lists, getting stuff ordered.  Once I submerge I won't come out for quite a while.


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