Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Enamel Bracelet Continued - Part 3

It's getting there.

Here you see the discs have all be enameled and I'm working on attaching them to the plates using a riveting process.  Here you see me experimenting with clasp ideas.

The riveting gets a little tricky, often the enamel cracks but that will be fixed on the final trip into the kiln.

My goal is to make a clasp that blends in completely.  The first idea was to slip a disc through a slotted plate, but the loop on the bottom is too big, scratch that.

Here's idea number two, which might work but relies heavily on bracelet tension.  I'm going to try it but there are a lot of reasons it might not work.  In the end I may just use a double lobster clasp but it's fun to experiment.  However, I've got only a few weeks left until the Open Studios Tour so it's time to move on.

Ready to tumble.

Starting to put the plates together.

 I love these sorts of challenges.  This will be the Satellite bracelet.


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