Saturday, August 31, 2013


Yes, I've been checked out in a major way.

The studio is calling, faintly.  It's been drowned out by the screams of the dirty floors, dusty shelves, the yard that needs watering, the dogs who need walking and bathing in a big way, the bug encrusted truck and the friends and family to catch up with.

The friends and family are the good parts.  I've been laughing and hugging and spending sweet time with the people who sustain me, filling up my depleted well, setting my head on straight again, it's all good.  It's so true that you find out the depth and measure of people when you need them most, strengthening the bonds of trust in a big way.

My Uncle Warren passed away, leaving my Dad the last of the three Hupp boys alive, the name hanging onto his strong shoulders.  It's interested what memories surface at this time.  Warren was a mason who was involved in big construction projects in SoCal but I remember him laying the slate entryway in our home in Big Bear Lake.  His careful craftsmanship creating something beautiful and enduring.  His smile and ready laugh will always make me smile.

The gallery is keeping me busy, especially this busy holiday weekend, come on in and see me if you get the chance.

Here's a rather lengthy video of Bode and Jolie playing morning bitey face while Dandy does his thing.  If you really like dogs you'll appreciate the intricate give and take of this kind of play, the pauses and postures are significant in dog interaction.  Bode is a fully mature, intact male, Jolie is a mature alpha female.  It's fascinating.


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