Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Row, row, row...

Here's where I started, the humble rowboat.  I used to row myself across the inlet from our dock to the neighbors dock so I could water his yard.

I've done this too, but not that well.  There was the time I tipped the canoe over, but we saved the beer.

Yesterday I was here, Scott's Flat Lake.

Where I tried this for the first time.  I had a great time, the lake was practically empty and I got to stop in the middle, dangle my feet in the water and just breathe in the quiet and the water.

But here's my dream, from those first lessons in Sausalito, skimming quickly across the shipping lanes, this has always been my heart's desire.

I'd forgotten...

And now I've remembered and now it's a goal, own and row a rowing shell.  Of course, the near perfect shell is made and sold on the East Coast, hmmmmm.

We shall see, on down the road, what happens.  After all, what's a person without a dream?



  1. Someone without a dream is unmotivated and sad to behold. Dreams are what make us continue on in life searching for what we need to be complete as a person.

    Dream on Sweet Suz.


  2. L.

    Always dreaming, both public and private.