Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

If you had told me I'd spend Christmas Day alone and happy I would probably not have believed you.  Then I spent the last several weeks moving and unpacking and in consultations for custom jewelry and working and delivering those pieces, whew!  I was so mentally and physically exhausted I could barely speak.

So, on Christmas Eve I cooked for my family and a dear friend and I took Christmas Day OFF.  I slept in and around noon I took the boys for a hike.  I was planning on a mile or two but the day was glorious and we said "what the hell" and hiked the whole four mile loop at the Independence Trail.

It felt so good, water to play in, views and blue sky forever, happy laughing dogs and me, no stress, no rush. Make sure to click on these photos so you see the big version.

Bode doesn't think it's worth drinking unless he gets all four feet in, too cold for me.

What a great gift.


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