Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New address!

Yes, I have a place to live.  I got the cute little apartment in downtown Nevada City and it's even better than I first thought.

The gardens out back are HUGE, with rock steps and hidden places with tables and benches and places to light fires.  It's magical, you cannot believe that one block away is the main drag of Nevada City.

It's got an enormous porch/deck with lots of sun and it even has blinds already installed.  It's just begging for a nice table and maybe a couple of comfy chairs.  There are planter boxes ready to be filled with herbs and flowers.  And lanterns, need those too.  And candles for the table, flickering softly while we have food and drink and laugh softly into the dark night.

I started moving things in already.  Tomorrow I'll give the whole place a scrub down (not that it's that dirty) and start putting things in cupboards.  Today I spent a couple of hours on the phone starting and stopping the various services and changing addresses everywhere, at least I got it started.   Sucks that I can't keep my landline phone number, which means 500 brand new business cards need to be tossed in the recycle bin.  Maybe I should use my cell phone this time, duh.

So I feel about a million times better, this last week has been stressful.  I'm more than irritated with the manipulations of my present landlord but am comforted knowing that those who do bad things to good people will be rewarded in kind.  I'm very glad to be moving.

The weather is stunning, it actually got to 70 degrees today.  A muddy walk through the Empire Mine felt good.

Last night was awards night at pistol league, my Expert team came in second!  Not bad considering two of us on the team were brand new.  We start again in July, can't wait.  We did some shooting for fun, team relays and shooting at strange things, loved it.  The food was good too, potlucks are always the best.

Life is good.


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