Tuesday, June 21, 2011

City woman

Brings to mind one of my favorite songs...

It's not exactly a big city but it sure is different for the boys and me.  If we are phone friends my landline number has changed, email me for the new one.

Still cleaning out the Treehouse which isn't fun.  The mini Treehouse is really great, last night was quiet and peaceful, the other residents seem mature and settled.  Unfortunately the men on both sides of me smoke, oh well.  If they can put up with the boys growling at every cat that saunters by then we can deal too.

Pictures soon of city life with corgis.



  1. Wowie, Wow, Wow! Very nice view..........and you don't have to be concerned with upkeep.


  2. L - Yeah, much smaller means I have to be very good at putting things in their place but the trade-off is being smack in the middle of lots of fun. The secret garden is a wonder, pics soon.