Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last night in the Treehouse

It's been very much fun living here.  The summer nights are beautiful.  We're looking forward to living in Nevada City but we will miss this place.

Happy Father's Day to all those lucky men out there who have been privileged to share their lives with children.  I know a lot of children who are very lucky indeed to have had a great Father or Step Father or Grandfather.  

Men who step up and do the right thing.  
Men who love even when they don't understand.  
Men who live their life with an inner set of rules.
Men who become beacons for others to follow.
Men who evolve.
Men who hold your hand and lend a shoulder to cry on and sometimes cry with you.
Men who laugh.
Men who are not afraid of the scary things in the dark.

I'm very thankful for my Dad and for the steady man who parented him.  I'm thankful for my children's Father.


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