Friday, June 03, 2011


Oh bother, it's time to move again.

I haven't found a house.  My lease is up at the end of the month and it looks like the option to go month to month won't work. Sooooo, time to find something else.  I'm going to seriously downsize, put some stuff in storage (along with the shipment from MN), move my studio to ASIF and then keep searching for my own place.

It's a total pain in the behind but will work out better for my pocketbook, the propane bills in the Treehouse are outrageous.  Which is to be expected with 30 year old doors and windows that badly need to be replaced.

So here's my wishlist, no lease, one to two bedrooms, wood stove, garage, a yard with squirrels for the boys, close to town, not smelly, a shower, a place for a washer and drier, friendly neighbors.

We'll see what happens, something always works out.

Everything else is fine.

The Goddess necklace is almost done and ready to show off.

I've been clearing out little things to make ready for some resin work.

My friends are the BEST, as always.  They wrap me in their love and concern, talk to me, cook for me, laugh with me, cry with me and let me stick my nose into their lives on a regular basis.

To be good for another, that's the goal.  Not to give up our own needs and wants and desires, but to bring those to the circle of two and still be good for another.  I've been guilty of this often, submerging my own needs and wants and desires so that someone else could be happy.  Because it's always been all my fault if things didn't work out, yeah I know, stupid at best, destructive and life threatening at worst.

The hard part is knowing yourself enough to be able to recognize those essential things.  I know more now, not all but more.  I trust my heart to guide me.  It seems to be my head that keeps stepping in with stupid stuff, reading too much into things, imagination runs amuck, inhibitions hold me back, old habits block new joys.

That's my task, delightful as it is, live for now, quit thinking so much, feel more, express more, let everything else go, stop being a bystander and become fully a participant in this dance.


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