Friday, June 24, 2011

Good morning Nevada City!

I know I'm getting old when I get up at 6am and actually take the dogs for a walk.  

Oh well, but it's really cool and nice this morning.  My light jacket felt good and we had a great time.  It's like the whole town belonged to us and the few shopkeepers washing down their patios, stocking their shelves and of course, the local coffee shop open for business, hallelujah!  We stopped for a nice cuppa and sat outside in the sun and enjoyed a rare moment of a peaceful Broad Street.  

The roses are really starting to bloom, every color and many different scents, though they don't smell as much when it's cool.  Later on when it's get warmer they really smell great.

Last night I took a friend to see a local production of The Full Monty.  I remember loving the movie but not really getting most of the dialogue, the thick Irish accent was difficult to decipher. (Or was it English?)  It was great fun, the seats were practically all full and the crowd good humored and laughing, willing to participate in the fun.  Only two more nights, go see it if you can.  What a luxury to walk up to the theater and walk home in the starry night.

Here's the view out my patio, with Bode posing and a few of his toys which he must scatter about his porch.

Time to start the day.

Happy day to you and yours!

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