Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tough guy translations for artists...

Peter Maslow, an artist in New York speaks fluent tough guy. In a recent exchange on Facebook he kindly translated some of our artist statements.

Sheila Cameron - 

Like what am I gonna say? You wanna know something, just ask. I won't bite even if you're wondering if it matches your sofa.

 hey, if yuz fuggin friended me maybe we'z could tawk about it. know wut ah mean? fuck's da colah uh ya sofa n shit - like we'z could work in mauve - wutevah. for a small fee anything's fuggin possible. got it, douche?

And one for me - 

 "Look, it's not my problem that you can buy these same earrings at Target for 10 bucks. Do you think Target can match your jewelry to your concealed carry purse? And no, I do not sell my handmade links so you can put together some jewelry of your own to sell at the local bar."

 fuggin eahs up, asshole. it ain't mah fuggin shit dat yuz cain't bah deez fuggin shit-earins ovah Tahget fer a tennuh. yuz figah Tahget can matchum shits witchyuz concealed pocketed shitz? and no doan fuggin boddah me witchyuz bullshit, i doan sell dis handsmade shitz sos yuz can glom it and gag it ovah yuz shithole local. fuck you think dis is?

Thank you Peter, you made my day!


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