Friday, June 13, 2014


I'm in the middle of a slight obsession with hoops, namely how to construct them.

I like them big.  I like them shiny.  I like them to fit comfortably in my ears.

The first pair are the all time simple style, bend a length of wire.  However, the biggest wire most women can fit through their ear piercing is about 18 gauge and that's pushing it.  The majority favor 20 gauge and some even need 22 gauge.  (Remember wire get bigger as the number get smaller.)

So the ones on the right are limited in size.  The ones on the left are 12 gauge, which hammers to a really nice, substantial hoop.  I used a piece of 20 gauge to make the attachment.

I probably need to tell you that I don't want to solder on a fitting.  I hate soldering.  I suck at soldering. I go through great lengths to avoid it.  I can solder.  I choose not to.  So these have to work without soldering.

These great big ones are waiting for their engineered wire clasp.  Then they are probably sold already. I'm going to make more than one pair I think.

Back to the studio.


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