Friday, June 06, 2014

State of the Mind Address

I think I write more when I'm experiencing mental turmoil.  When things are humming along smoothly I feel like there isn't anything to say. Which can make these pages look like a crazy woman lives here.

Well, that's probably true, no matter what, but it's a good crazy.  Sort of like, yes, it's 105 degrees, but it's a dry heat.

I'd say right now I'm smack dab in the middle of awesome.

The pups are happy if a bit furry, blowing their coats all over the place. Nothing a trip to the groomer can't fix.

The kitty girl is enjoying her California retirement home, catting about the house and yard, sternly giving Bode what for when he gets into her space.  You should see the confusion on his face when she decides she's had enough.

My work is going so well, selling both at the gallery and on the website, plus some great custom work. Yesterday I fired up the kiln and worked on some enamel, which I find quite like meditation, slowly, deliberately building colors, focus on the process only. Don't forget the safety glasses when the door is open, sift the colors, balance the pieces on the trivets, into the heat, out to cool.  There is this incredible point when the enamel is built up just enough, the colors attain their full possibility and the feel of the piece tells you it's done and ready for some refinement and to be wearable. I need to come up with a better color management system. I know there are colors I love down at the bottom of the pile but where are they and how do they actually work with other colors? I do have sample/test pieces but they aren't always on the container.

Being home enriches and sustains me in so many ways. My life here is centered around the outdoors. We spend great amounts of time on the deck, meals at the table, relaxing conversations and cuddles on the couch. It's so good to have this perfect space.

Dreams and goals...which there always are in abundance. But often I live right here in this moment, breathing the pine scented air, feeling the breeze stroke my skin, hearing the hummingbirds twitter and the water fountain splash.

Living is so good, so sweet...opening myself to the possibilities that await, grounding myself in the reality of now, dreaming a tapestry of beautiful things.

Peaceful, grateful, thankful, abundant, loving...

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