Monday, July 29, 2013

The Lake

I miss those star filled nights on the water, the slap of the waves against the boat, the croaking of the frogs and the call of the night birds.

I got to spend a wonderful night on a friend's houseboat this weekend.  We laughed and drank and I made some new friends.

Life is good, a few more fun things to happen and then I'm hitting the road.  I can't wait to see my children and my granddaughter.  I can't wait to wear my cowboy boots to Stubb's and see my son and his band Little Radar at their album release party on August 10th.  If you happen to be there, say Howdy, I'll be the tall one in the boots, smiling.

On the way out I'm planning on checking out Amarillo and Lubbock and Abilene, just to say I've been there.



  1. Suzanne, I've been reading your blog for a while, but felt compelled to comment this time. Check out Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. Besides being physically monumental, it represents art on a monumental scale that has survived participation by the public for decades. I don't know of any other public art installation that invites the public to comment (graffiti) directly.
    Enjoy your trip to Austin. Maybe the next time we're back, we'll remember to check out Little Radar if they're playing someplace.
    Susan in Oklahoma

    1. Susan, thank you, I'm so glad you read and I love comments. That sounds incredible. I'll make sure I leave some time to explore when I go there. Hopefully you will see pics here. I hope you see Little Radar someday too. Make sure to tell the tall bass player his Mom sent you. They are heading off on tour but I think it's toward the south east and then up the coast. They are active on Facebook too. Thanks so much,