Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I'm dirty and covered with burrs, the boys are wet, dirty, stinky and covered with burrs and we're quite happy, thank you very much.

This pretty little praying Mantis hopped a ride on my shoulder and then happily crawled up and down my arms until I could coax him onto a branch for a photo op.  I love these little critters, haven't seen one in a while.  I don't know why it's white, strange.

Do you ever feel like you did some growing up?  That all of a sudden you stretched yourself beyond where you were the day before?

Me, for sure.  I tend to run on auto pilot, just cruising at altitude, looking at the pretty clouds and feeling the silky air hold me up.  And then, oh shit, what's that?  All systems suddenly come to full alert and I have to turn my brain on to make some sort of a decision.  I'm best in a crisis, finding that I can zero in on what's really important.

Back to cruising again, now in a slightly different flight path but it's ok, the clouds are still pretty and the air is silky and smooth again.

Love does that to you, shakes you up, makes you realize what's truly important, sets you free to fly, and yet, reminds you where home really is once the day is done.  A couple of years ago I wrote a post about love and other things, this line is so true.  "In breaking her heart expands to hold love larger than she was."  This doesn't just happen once, but can happen often in our lives.  I try to remember this when my heart gets broken, that it now can hold more than before.


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