Monday, July 29, 2013

Squirreling Away

Oh man, I love to cook and preserve the summer bounty.

I have been looking for a good source of tart yellow plums and then my good friend Karel called and said she had a tree just loaded with plums and then she said the magic words, "I'd love to share!".

I discovered her old tree covered in these wonderful sweet and puckery tart plums and she was willing to share, so this is the result.

I really like making jelly, it's easier than jam which has to be stirred endlessly.  My attention span isn't that long and syrup is even easier.  Just think about the pancakes in the winter, or a tablespoon at the bottom of a glass of sparkling wine.

Today was a good day to stay busy.

A heartrending choice was made, one that I can understand in some ways but not in others.  I always say that every stumble, heartache and failure is a way to learn something, to walk away knowing more than we did before. I learned how sweet it is to be with someone I love completely and without reservation, pouring all of myself into that love, holding nothing back.  It's probably the first time I've really loved that way.  In that love I opened up to an incredible sweetness of being that I didn't know I had.  It feels good.  I'm gonna keep it.  I like myself more this way.

And today I learned that others see that and have responded to it.  I've been surrounded by love and affection and caring all day.  I see now that I can continue to love openly and without barriers.  That love comes back to surround you, hold you and lift you up.

I also believe greatly that things happen for a reason.  Maybe down the road things will change and a new door will open up. I'll be right there, ready to open that door, anticipating with everything I am that it's worth opening.


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