Monday, June 24, 2013


Something quite odd, water is dripping from the sky.

I've heard tell of this happening in other places but haven't experienced it here.

Oh wait, I remember, way back, what's it called?  Plain?  No.  Spain?  No.


It's just grand, even though the muddy footprints are back, I don't care.

It feels so good.  We're all feeling really snuggly.

Dandy is under the desk right here on my feet.

Bode, however is trying new sleeping positions in strange places.  Here he is trying to sleep with his head on the electrical strip, having shouldered the bass unit out of his way.  Now he's shifted so his head in on my feet.

Bode is a big dog, though short he's completely solid and 40 pounds, give or take 3.  He's got very warm fur though, my feet are happy if a bit squished.

Just a glimpse into my day.  


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