Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

The tables are set up and breakfast is in the oven.

The deck has become a wonderful part of life, socializing, dining, relaxing, napping, it's just perfect.

Today we're celebrating Father's Day.  I love having my family and friends gather at my house, it's a deeply satisfying feeling to see their smiling faces and have their voices light up the house.

After living far away for 20 some years I'm so glad I've come home.  I actually don't see my Dad as much as I'd like.  He's a very busy man, working on projects, hoping into their motorhome and wandering around, visiting with his friends but he still manages to find time to help me out or just stopping by for a cup of coffee.

I'm a lucky woman, finding myself with fine friends, family and relationships that are rich, varied and satisfying on so many different levels.



  1. hey Suz,
    What an awesome setting for getting together with Family. And the weather was perfect too.
    Great pic of your Dad.

  2. D. Yes, it is, we had a great time together. My Dad cleans up well, huh?