Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Four generations

What fun that we are able to get a picture with four generations.  My Dad was in his 30's when he had me and I was in my 30's when I had her so it's a good thing she didn't wait until her 30's or we might have missed it.  Of course, my Dad is hale and hearty and will probably still be doing his thing into his 90's, may it be so.

And even though she's not directly related to us by blood, she is certainly related to us by love.  We are so lucky to have them both in our lives, we are richer for their love, counsel and encouragement.

They've gone back to Austin today.  I am bereft.   Even the boys seem subdued and a bit quiet, we all miss them.



  1. Great pictures. Such an adorable little gem!

  2. Thanks D. We think she's pretty adorable too.