Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Me and the boys

Despite their best efforts at being cute Dandy and Bode haven't gotten much attention lately.

One or both of them will be squeezed under the desk in my studio as I work. Or lounging around my feet someplace during the day, under my bed at night, always there, always happy, just waiting for some fun.

Dandy waiting patiently for someone to notice him, maybe drop a cookie.  We call this face plant on toy.

Bode adored the baby, we think.  Or maybe he just thought we'd brought him a really active squeak toy.  He licked her feet and brought his own toys to her and once or twice I caught him heading out the door with her toys in his mouth.  He is the baby after all.

Dandy being regal.

Bode in his favorite spot, right next to the baby but about as close as we would let him.  GBelle did great with her first dogs.  They barked and she would jump but never showed any fear and pulling whiskers was fascinating.

Dandy doing his Yoga, upward facing dog.

I'm cutting big pieces of silver into small pieces, getting ready for another enamel marathon.  The hustle bustle has calmed down a little.  A few days to breathe before the landscapers come on Friday and start making some sense of my sad little backyard.  Add some dirt, contour the ground, move the water fountain, make a path, mulch heavily to keep down the dirt, should be interesting to watch.  I think the immediate best thing will be having the fountain functional again and watching the birds play in it from the deck.

I've been happy and yet, deep down I've got a case of the blues.  Nothing that can or should be fixed easily. I've had less patience for silly things that I normally would ignore.  Which makes it a good time to immerse myself in my studio  I'll make some pretty things, refine it all down to things I can control, like which color to use.  I scored a big box of vintage enamel powders and once I found out how awesome they were I ordered more.  Midnight anyone?

Peace my dear ones


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