Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet mountain air

I'm home, 16 days later and it feels sooooo good.

Of course, leaving my daughter and granddaughter and my son leave big holes in my heart.  This morning my brain could not wrap around the fact that Georgia and her slave Mama would not be here.

Still on Texas time I woke up at 5:30 and buzzed around madly, coffee, breakfast, dog walking, a run to the big city, took my laptop to visit the geek squad for a quick fix, fuel up the car, check in at the gallery, get home to discover I'd forgotten to feed the boys, sigh.  So, ok, I'm still not officially home in my head.  They forgave me for forgetting their breakfast.  I forgave them for barfing on the floor.

Quick impressions:
The water is COLD here, it hurts my hands when I wash them but it's so refreshing right out of the tap, don't even have to use ice.

Dandy curls up on my lap, Bode at my feet, nice glass of tea, heaven.

The moon shining through the trees, drifts of clouds making it soft and mysterious, shining on me and the forest creatures.

I'm a neat freak in a messy sort of way, at least everything has a place even if it's not in it.

My suitcase in unpacked and stowed in it's place in the garage, because the next plane ticket is already bought.

Back to the studio this week, lots of things burbling around in my head.


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