Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Baby Toes

Pretty toes, mine are sort of tortured, hers are prettier. 

I'm loving this feet idea, where they have taken us and the places still to explore.

Talking to my man last night was gratifying, as we dreamed of the places we want to go together.  I love traveling with this man.  For years and years I've taken on the role of tour director, overseeing every detail, planning and worrying and often forgetting the point of it all was to have fun.  Now everything is different, his strength carries us, his careful manner leaves me trusting that all is well,  his curiosity and sense of humor is always turned on, together we accomplish the work and share the fun.  Our only goal is to be together.
Life is so interesting right now.  I'm deeply happy each day, grounded but giddy, satisfied but yearning for more. 

I'm going to be a Grandmother in December.  This event thrills me but makes me apprehensive too, knowing my baby is heading into a life event.  She's going to be so good as a Mother.   Right now the distance between us seems huge.  I want so much to watch her grow and change on a daily basis.

But for now I've been sewing curtains and cooking some extra stuff to fill up her freezer.

And I place my hands on her belly and send the little one greetings and good thoughts until the day comes when she's in our arms.

Hearts break so they can open wider to hold more love. 

Mine is still spilling over.


  1. LOVE this pic! can't wait to see the updated version w/ a pair of wee munchkin piggies. :o)

    and speaking of piggies, g'ma suz might want to check out walmart or amazon for some eco-friendly, non toxic, natural nail polish called PIGGY PAINT. i just picked up a bunch of fun colors for madelyn's 1st b'day in two wks. have fun ladies!

    lotsa love & hugs,
    mn mama

  2. Hey MN Mama! Yeah, we'll have some wee piggies in December. I'm so glad I get to follow in your Gma footsteps.

    Love you,