Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Hot Summer Days

The boys and I out at the Mine.

It's hard to imagine, but I'm standing on a pile of crushed rock 20 or 30 feet deep.  We walk along here everyday and it's just a long stretch of white rock and sand.  Until you go over there by the trees and see that the pile drops off steeply and then you know you're standing on a LOT of rock.

It's hot and getting hotter but so far the nights are down in the 60's, which means I can sleep with the windows open.

The cold river is calling me.  This time last year it was still high and cold from mountain snow run-off but this winter was considerably milder.  I wish time would slow down a little.  It's true that it goes fast, especially when you're having fun.

The Nevada County fair is this week.  I'm going to the Rodeo tomorrow night and the Demolition Derby this Sunday.  AND I will be looking for a corn dog at the Job's Daughters booth, yum!

My son turns me on to all sorts of interesting music.  I get to see the Heartless Bastards up in Reno this weekend and maybe again in Sacramento on Monday.

Someday Little Radar will be joining bands like this.


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  1. Enjoyed our talk this evening, I really do find your page; in my good Minnesota voice, "well that's interesting". Some really bad humor , but it does make our conversations more fun. Thanks and do look forward to our meeting face to face. aka Jerry Garcia