Sunday, May 27, 2012

More trail fun

This was last week, the end of the four mile loop at the Independence Trail.

We skittered down the first part down to Jones Bar, soaked in the water there.  Next we trudged up Jones Bar Road and then cut back up to the main trail.  Finally we spent a long time playing in the water in Rush Creek with a bunch of really cute Cub Scouts and then headed back.

I can't decide which of their profile shots are better.  Is this my good side?  Wait, try this.

Today I've got another big batch of pesto to make, some strawberries and apricots to freeze and four pounds (ok, less because they are yummy) of cherries ready to try some brandied cherries.  The industrious ant hard at work.

AND, we had rain last night, with thunder, it was glorious!  Today it's clean and fresh and sunny, perfect weather.

Peace to you and yours from me and mine.

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