Saturday, May 19, 2012

More fun in Texas

Sorry, I'm catching up on things I missed...

So, looking for fun and funny things to do we saw that the Buda County Fair was going on and they had WIENER DOG RACES!  I had to see those so we headed a bit south of Austin.  We ate fair food, giant pickles and corn dogs and had sweet tea served by lovely ladies.  I don't eat most meat but corns dogs are not to be missed, yum!

It's really hard to see the little devils but they are in a big boxed starting gate while the handlers call and whistle and wave toys at them from behind the line at the end of the field.  Then up goes the starting gate and they scramble like crazy to get to their peeps.  It was hysterical.  The crowd was huge and many of them had brought their own wiener dogs to cheer on their little friends.  I've never seen such a hoard of Dachshunds, all sizes, all colors, some with long fur, some short.

And, while my plan to eat tacos at every meal was foiled I did manage a couple of days worth, breakfast tacos are the best.


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