Friday, May 18, 2012

Back with pics

Whew, that was a long 15 days without my laptop.  I was able to limp along with my Droid but still couldn't upload and tweak pics to any great degree.

But I've bought a few more days with my old laptop and will probably buy a new one soon depending on how irritated I get with this old one's sticky keys and general lack of speed.  I want it right NOW dammit, not in 30 seconds, ha!

The weather is glorious if a bit dry, my life is pretty freaking fine too.  I'm feeling sassy and ready for some summer fun.  My road trip is put on hold for now but there are satisfying travel plans in the future.

Here are a some pics of the newest earrings out of my studio using some of the huge batch of bronze pieces  made in my last bronze clay frenzy.

These are bronze and copper.

 Bronze and carnelian.

Bronze and turquoise.

Bronze and turquoise.

Most of the turquoise I use is from a Kingman mine in Arizona.  This is stabilized turquoise, as is about 97 percent of turquoise available today.  The process drives resin into the stone at high pressure and does make the color richer but no color is actually added.  A truly natural gem quality piece of turquoise will cost several hundred dollars.



  1. I just have to say ...I love love the bronze and copper earrings!