Tuesday, July 19, 2011

River Corgis

You don't see them very often as they tend to be shy and elusive.  These are lurking in the shadows hoping for friendly hikers with cheeseburgers or maybe some chicken.

Will he ever get brave enough to swim? The tail would make a great rudder.


  1. Ah yes the River Corgi. Originally named for their corrugated feeling coat, they eventually evolved into an amphibian species. Generations of water habitation removed most of the wrinkles to be replaced with a furrier/sleeker coat which produces water repellent oil. Seldom see in the wild. I did see one at the San Diego Zoo in 72. You were fortunate indeed to have come across them. I am sooo envious.


  2. L -
    We seem to have many of the rare Corgi variations here, River Corgi, Canyon Corgi, Meadow Corgi and my favorite, the Couch Corgi.