Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Exactly enough...

It's amazing to me that I can zip along happily for months and months and then look back and realize that it was all wrong.  Maybe it was right to begin with but it evolved into not so great.

I'm talking about my living situation. I had not a clue about how to start living on my own. I was leaving a huge property, thousands of square feet, tens of acres, millions of plants and complete privacy. We found a nice house to rent.  It even looked a lot like the house I'd left, high ceilings, open and airy, sunny and warm.  It was ok.  It cost me a ton to heat and made me feel like I was wandering around in circles.  I couldn't find a cozy place. I hated living so far away from town.  I felt isolated.

By a lucky chance I was in the middle of a house purchase and so did not want another long term lease.  I had to hurry and find a new place to live.  I found this little apartment, one block away from downtown, old and sort of bohemian, eclectic and comfortable.  Turns out it's perfect.  I don't have space for everything but I have space for the things that really matter to me.  I love the funky little kitchen, the huge covered porch, the music and food one block away, the huge enchanting green space to look at and play in, the friendly neighbors, the hidden walks that lead to the creek, the blackberries growing on the roadside, the very funny and often inebriated people downtown  who pet the boys and engage in long, rambling conversations, the gelato, the sense of peace, quiet, contentment, security, and knowing I've made the right choice for now.

I have a big storage unit packed with furniture and boxes of books and more but it can wait.  I'll open one or two and retrieve a few books, a vase or this and that but mostly it can all wait until I decide it's time to leave here and move on to my own house.  For now it's all good.  I'm filling up my walls with the beloved artwork that's arrived.

I love having my own space.  I love fixing a cup of espresso and sitting outside in the morning.  I love listening to music that makes me happy, a weird blend of country, blues, pop and world music.  I love being with my boys.  I love the town and the people in it.  I love heading over to my studio or into Grass Valley to work at the gallery.  Most of all I love the sense of freedom and of endless possibilities that are spread out in front of me.  Every day is exciting in some way.

This photo isn't very good, it's too light and too dark, but  you get the general idea.  And you can see Dandy happily curled up on his porch bed, waiting for me to finish and go for a walk.

May your day be filled with a sense of wonder.

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