Monday, July 04, 2011

Enchanted Garden

Life is so good.  The air is warm and sweet with scents of roses and several varieties of flowering trees. We're settled in fairly well, gradually finding places for everything.  It was 100 degrees yesterday in Roseville on my shopping expedition, maybe 10 degrees cooler here. I took the boys out into the garden to sit in the shade and toss the frisbee a little.  Here are some photos from my Droid.

Old fireplace on the big patio.  This patio is just begging for people and fun though I may have to do some raking and weeding first.

Around here if you find a rock in your garden it's probably best to leave it.  Thinking you can brush the dirt away and dig it out may be futile.
The joy of living in a very old community (yes, I know, old by American standards anyway) means you will find bits and pieces of unusual rock re-purposed for building projects.  What was this piece carved for originally, before it was used to hold up a roadway?
Happy Independence Day!  My countrymen and women have good hearts and a fierce dedication to justice and mercy.  I'm pleased and proud to be part of it.  We are still a young nation but we are at our best when things are worst.


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