Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Excuse me please!

I am not a salamander, I am a Sierra Newt.

Ok, I apologize.  I've been calling these little guys salamanders and they are not.  So, today on our four mile hike around the Independence Trail I counted 48 of them, which averages to 12 per mile.  The tough part is not to step on them.  I've been cautioned to look carefully so I don't disturb the more serious critters (rattlesnake).  It was cool and even sprinkled some rain so it was great weather for newts.

On the house search, back to looking again.  I saw the house of my dreams today, we'll see what happens.  It's a combination of urban loft and mountain aerie with galvanized metal siding, golden oak floors, light and space, love it.  I'm seriously crushing on this house.

The garage doors:

So keep your fingers crossed, it's a short sale, which means months of legal wrangling which can come to nothing.


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