Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My site is back up again!

Still got some work to do but I'm loving the new site and how well it works.

Lots of new things going on here lately.

The website is rebuilt, reconnected and is up and functional.

I got the part time job I've been looking for.  I could say it's a real job and most of my artist friends would give me that look.  You know the look, the roll the eyes, how can you be so clueless look, aren't we doing a real job?

Well, yeah, sort of, we work longer hours for less money than most people and we're doing something we're passionate about.  I don't choose to make things.  I'm compelled to make things.

I think of what I do as helping me, keeping me sane, allowing me to express myself in wonderful ways.  And I'm really thrilled when someone loves my jewelry enough to buy it, to adorn their body with something I've created.  It's an incredible feeling to know my passion is appreciated.

But...I like to help people too and beyond teaching I don't always get enough of that.  My full time job is for me, my part time job is for other people and the bonus is I get paid to do it and it reminds me how hard other people work too and that they may not make things but they have a great desire to make their business better in any way they can.

I love that.  I love the striving for excellence and the simple act of helping people.

My little far away family is doing well, though I've not even been away from them for three weeks and already I'm missing them like crazy.

Oh well, can't have everything all at once, can I?



  1. Ha! Had me scared there for a while. I was gonna give you one more day before an email.
    Love the new look!

  2. S.
    Thanks! It's pretty traumatic to have it down. I'm glad to hear you like it, please send me suggestions if you have them. It still could use some tweaking but the direction makes me happy.

    Are you making it through this cold weather?

  3. Just barely making it through the cold. Really didn't want to go out today at all, but L.D. (tri corgi), needed a bath and de-furring so out we went. Not supposed to be out of the low 20's today. It's OK, I have a fundraising jewelry making class tomorrow night and plenty to do to get ready.
    When time allows, I'll cruise the rest of the site and report back.